Fun Comes First™ with Bright Starts™ Interactive Toy

Fun Comes First™ with Bright Starts™ Interactive Toy

It’s always a sweet thing to have fond memories of your children playing with favorite toys. I love the conversations we had with them and hearing them chat to their toys and get excited to see “cause and effect” during play. Their wonder and awe, even now as they grow up, always makes me smile. They grow up so fast! 

I was given the Bright Starts™ Jungle Fun Ball Climber to review, and as it sat in my living room, my kids were playing with it through the packaging. I think the idea of anything new coming into the house is cause for excitement. Obviously, I couldn’t do a true review of a toddler-aged product using my kids… So I knew exactly where to go!

Gratefully, I have plenty of nieces and nephews that can be my toy testers, and I’ve missed spending time with them. I took this opportunity to spread some magic, and have a play date! 

My nieces LOVED the Bright Starts™ Jungle Fun Ball Climber! They are ages 3 and 4. The toy is labeled for ages 6 months – 36 months, but like I said, my 7 & 10 year old were pretty awe-struck.

It was a sure hit, and the youngest, KB, just was so tickled by the animal sounds and music that played. She squealed with delight and we talked about the colors, counted, and tried to figure out the different animal sounds!

The balls climb up the tree trunk, then roll above the hippo, bounce off the yellow edge, and INTO the hippo’s mouth! 

The toy comes with 4 colored balls, the Jungle Climber, and BATTERIES! That’s always a plus. There’s nothing worse than buying a toy, unpacking it, only to realize it needs some power. Once you get it out of the package, you’re set up for countless hours of play. 

We had a great time playing and learning together.  Thank you Bright Starts™!

*Disclaimer: I am a Bright Starts™ blogger and I was given the Jungle Fun Ball Climber in exchange for my honest review; all opinions expressed are 100% mine. This post contains affiliate links.

Review// The Bouqs

Review// The Bouqs

Photo © How About Now Creative Co.

Photo © How About Now Creative Co.

Why send some boring bouquet, when you can send a Bouq?!

While I was at BlogHer in July, I met some awesome people that work for The Bouqs, a floral company based in Los Angeles. The Bouqs ships fresh flowers directly from a live volcano. What??! Yes. You heard that right!

The flowers are GORGEOUS. I had the opportunity to receive a free bouquet for review on my blog and share some images of my floral journey! Here is their video spot. Then check out my pretty flowers below!

The Petal Arrival

My flowers arrived promptly via FedEx! FYI: Make sure that someone is on hand to sign for these gorgeous petals, otherwise they will have to redeliver. It is quite hot here in the Central Valley and my poor Bouqs had to sit on the FedEx truck all day!

Regardless, they arrived and were in pretty great shape!

I ordered the “Peace” Bouquet

It consisted of 12 roses with darling purple flowers as an accent. I was so excited about the arrival of my flowers. I must also add that I am a stickler for design and aesthetics. The simplicity of The Bouqs brand is profound. I really love their imagery and how cool is it that my flowers were picked fresh from the farm off of a volcano?! I still can’t get over that. 

My favorite part? Aside from the flowers, was the infographic printed on the box! Simple instructions! I am not the best with plants, they don’t last very long with me. So I love this!

My first panoramic photo attempt. Not too shabby :) 

Fresh out the box!

Fresh out the box!

Day 1

Day 1

It was really simple to get them prepped. I wrapped a black sparkly piece of ribbon around a Ball mason jar, trimmed my flowers, added water & food, and dropped them in the vase!

Voila! Instant cheer for my office. 🙂

Day 5 - They are gorgeous!

Day 5 – They are gorgeous!


Overall, I really like the service and quality of The Bouqs. They arrived on the day that they were scheduled. It took less than a week to receive the bouquet, which is pretty impressive since they came from a volcano! 

My flowers lasted well over a week, I just trimmed any wilting leaves daily and added fresh water when they seemed to dry up. 

The Bouqs offers over 50 floral combinations, and even a new college inspired collection! They have an app and also quick order options. The company website can link you in via your social media accounts for easy sign up. Not only that, they are a Customer Verified BizRate company! They have great ratings, and I am one happy customer!


  • Volcano Collection, straight from South America, start at $40, delivery is included. It takes a little longer, but is SO worth it!
  • California Collection. Depending on your US location, many times you can get these Bouqs next day delivery. They are from the East Coast and they start at $50, delivery included.

Concierge Service

“Scheduling saves you time… Discounts save you up to 25%!” Are you forgetful with dates and occasions? You can schedule your Bouqs to arrive throughout the year. Better yet, with concierge service, you select the holidays or occasions and a Bouq will be sent in time to for celebration!

Happiness Guarantee!

The Bouqs' Happiness Guarantee,

The Bouqs’ Happiness Guarantee,

I would definitely order flowers from The Bouqs; I am already compiling my recipient list for holiday and birthdays! You know, it is almost holiday season! Show up at your next event with a gorgeous Bouq and bottle of bubbly. Thank you Adam and team for a great experience! 

xo Spread Magic,



Disclaimer: I was given a free bouquet of flowers as a Bouqs Ambassador, in exchange for a review here on my blog. All thoughts are my own!