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Remember that AMAZING experience I shared last year with Disney Parks, BSM Media and a whole bunch of awesome bloggers? I was so blessed to be selected to attend the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road event in Phoenix, AZ and I still am sharing content and my experience. It was that good!

I have to say that hearing from Tracey Clark was one of my favorite experiences at the event. When I found out that she would be speaking I was so excited and to top it off we would learn more about mobile photography. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love my iPhone and as the phone cameras become more advanced, we’re able to take even better pictures with each click. 

I’m not a photographer by any means, but being able to use my phone opens up a whole new door for me to capture awesome moments. 

In terms of mobile photography, she delved deeper into the popular photo app – Instagram and how to use it to our advantage in social media, while letting our creativity take flight. One thing that struck me during her presentation is that not only is every picture worth 1000 words, but it’s my responsibility to use that square, a.k.a. Instagram, to its optimum potential!

Photo ©  Tracey Clark

Photo © Tracey Clark

Tracey’s vibrancy for life, love, and photography is evident in all that she does. I was super excited to meet her along with her other Disney Sisters at the event. She touched on the topics observation, contemplation, and creativity.  It’s really important that we remember our eyes see the world in a way that no other eyes can. 

Observation. When we talk about observing, we talk about seeing the details we want to notice the details so that we can shoot them. Each one of us is awesome and should want to show the world what we see. Unique is amazing. 

One of my favorite past times when I go to Disneyland Resort is looking through the main street windows, checking out the signage; “stopping and smelling the roses,” so to speak. There’s pleasure in slowing down and on a recent solo trip, I shared the importance and freedom in doing so! It really is something to see the details and observe the details and Disney does just a great job with infusing the littlest things into the back stories of characters in scenery and it is really mind blowing. There is so much to do and to take pictures of when you’re there, so observe it all. Look at something from a new perspective.

Contemplation. We must be deliberate. It’s an important part in improving your photography. I we are more deliberate in our photography, we will be that way in our everyday lives, at least that’s the goal!

Being deliberate when we live our lives is important. Just as Tracey said, it will flow into other areas of your life. One way that I am practicing being deliberate is with spending time with the kids and Jeff. Life can get really busy, but I have to make that effort to sit and play and just BE with them. Same thing goes for photography. Be purposeful in your shots.

Creativity. This is the fun and playful part! Play is important and shooting with your camera is fun, don’t make it a chore. It should be enjoyable for everyone involved.

One of my favorite things to shoot is Sleeping Beauty Castle. I always have to take a picture of it, but it wasn’t until recently that I began trying to be deliberate and creative with my shots. My favorite is when she is all prettied up for Christmas. I wanted to capture the beauty of the garlands and ornaments so I stood right before the entrance, focused and shot an image. It came out pretty swell. 

Tracey reminds us that EVERY SINGLE STEP is important and we must make them all count. How true is that in everything? We can’t rush through life nor through the process of something that might seem as simple as taking a picture. To be good at anything, we must practice… and I always like to have fun.

Elevate the Everyday. This is my favorite. This is Tracey’s philosophy in doing what makes you happy, enjoy the little things like the coffee cup at the Parks. Perhaps I am so drawn to this because my mantra is “finding the magic in everyday.” We make our lives what it is, no we can’t control everything, but we CHOOSE how to respond. I have my days of doubt, but I do my best to choose to find that magic. It’s always about perspective, just like photography.

I am so grateful for the time spent at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road in 2014, and I have my fingers crossed to attend another day full of magic and pixie dust this year! I learned so much and the memories and experiences will stay with me forever! Make sure to check out Tracey’s website.

What are you capturing with your phone? Share your favorite photo app in the comments!

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