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Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Mamas and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the Final stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Having a chance to go to Disneyland Resort is always a sweet treat. Aside from the memories that we have stashed away in our minds, we LOVE looking back at pictures from our trips. What’s funny, is that my kids sometimes have “memories” from their trips as one or two year olds, but really that memory is just a reminder due to a picture that we took! Maybe they really do remember, and perhaps I am just getting older and can’t recall that far back. Either way, we love making memories and taking pictures.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Walt taking a morning walk through the Castle // Image © Disney

Walt taking a morning walk through the Castle // Image © Disney

The castle is a gorgeous backdrop throughout the year and obviously an iconic spot. I mean, this is Walt’s original Park. He walked across that drawbridge, and took photos there by himself, and with family, just like we do today. Maybe there is so much magic hidden within the castle walls, it just lures me there. 

Walt and his grandson taking a break by the castle // Image © Disney

Walt and his grandson taking a break by the castle // Image © Disney

After looking through all of the pictures that we have, whether it was a family trip, date trip, solo trip, or me and my Disney family, one thing is certain… apparently I love taking pictures by or near Sleeping Beauty Castle. In fact, some of my favorite pictures from Disneyland Park are by this magical landmark!

Here’s a little visual story of my obsession with this Beauty (pun intended). Enjoy!

The Castle Selfie

I love that you can really see the pretty blues and shades of pink in this picture! It’s what inspired my previous blog design! This was such a fun trip with one of my best friends, after we spent time at the D23 Expo in 2013! It was a gorgeous day and magic filled the air! Plus, who wouldn’t want to take a selfie with the Castle?! 🙂

Sleeping Beauty Castle - Sparks of Magic.jpg

Castle Selfie-Sparks of Magic.jpg

All Dressed up for #DisneyHolidays

I love when Sleeping Beauty Castle is all dressed up with holiday flare! So pretty! Here I spent my birthday with some of my Disney family! Always a good time!


Happiness with Loved Ones

We seriously just love Fantasyland. And I love to document the joy on our faces before we walk through Sleeping Beauty Castle into the most magical land of the Resort.

Castle with my Love - Sparks of Magic.jpg

Happy Girls - Sparks of Magic.jpg

Girls Weekend - Sparks of Magic.jpg

Winding Down for the Night

It’s so pretty at night, too! All lit up in pinks and blues. The purple hue is gorgeous. My husband snapped the shot below. It’s one of my favorite pictures. 

This is a reflection of the castle in the water ©  How About Now Creative Co.

This is a reflection of the castle in the water © How About Now Creative Co.

I love sitting on the bridge and soaking up Main Street U.S.A. at all hours of the day. Just writing this post is making me want to go back for more pictures! 

How many ways do you capture your favorite memories? Do you find yourself snapping pictures in the same spot, too? 🙂

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