A few weeks ago, Erin Glover, Disneyland Social Media Director graced the many enthusiastic writers at Disney Social Media Moms On The Road in Phoenix. She took us behind the scenes of the social media process of the Disney Parks. Erin broke down their steps in creating and sharing the content that we see as the public. While she oversees Disneyland social media, she and her team collaborates with Walt Disney World, to a make sure that everything is consistent and they are all maximizing content. The social media team works nonstop to make our experience enjoyable while in the parks, while we are at home, or on the go!

DID YOU KNOW? @DisneylandToday (twitter) has cast members on standby to answer the many questions of guests.
— Erin Glover

During Erin’s segment of the conference, I took away helpful ideas when it comes to content management and sharing. As an emerging blogger, I want to be successful in sharing, but also making sure that everything that I share is relevant to my blog. Here are a few tips that I’m going to pass on, because I feel these would be most beneficial when getting started in social media. 


Creating content is the foundation of any blog or social media account. What’s the point if you don’t have anything to share? We all have a voice. Erin showed us this great picture in reference to what we, the public, see as content comes across our screens. Have you heard of the saying, “the tip of the iceberg?” Well this shows that we only see 10% because the other 90% was the planning. You see, it’s a lot deeper than we think. When using social media as a marketing tool, it’s not about “post first, think later.” As with any outlet that has the potential to be viral, a lot of thought needs to go into that content. Do you have great content but can’t seem to get it all into one post? Don’t be afraid to break it up into a series to make the content last longer. 

Your Story
Once you’ve gotten your ideas, it’s time to organize them and do your research. Everyone has a unique point of view and story to tell. While at the conference, I really took this point to heart. I was surrounded by so many amazing people that represent different walks of life, experiences and even passions (although a love for Disney is what brought is together). We all tell our stories uniquely. When you’re thinking of sharing content, really share it from YOUR perspective. Your voice matters. This concept was the mantra that rang throughout the remainder of the day, with each of our speakers!

Write, write, write!
It’s important to keep writing. Sometimes I wonder if people realize just how long it takes to put together a blog post. For me, I will write and edit, then re-write and re-edit, only to finally finish and stall as I stare at the publish button. It’s not easy. But the more I write, the more comfortable I feel. You’ll never know how a story or idea will unfold unless you write or type it out. I love what she said regarding magic and ideas…

Video Content
Finally, there’s video. This is one that I’m very slowly getting a grasp of. I am not exactly a fan of being in front of the camera, so I don’t have a lot of experience vlogging. However, I do have some really fun events coming up and I’m going to be able to share some of those via video and I’ll be seeking my daughter and hubby’s help. It’s fun working together! Erin shares that video can really help take your audience into places that they normally would experience. It’s important to show various perspectives of your content. 

Specifically in relation to video content, have you heard of or attended one of Disney Parks’ 24 hour events? Well Erin and her team are responsible for keeping guests up to date on all the fun events planned on, but they also help make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved with relevant information. The team created a fun video that shows guests how to stand in line for the recent “Rock Your Disney Side” 24 hour event and playfully informed them of what to expect.

Videos are fun! We also enjoyed behind the scenes footage of our pal Grumpy Cat as she showed her #DisneySide (or grumpier side) with one of my family’s favorite characters, Grumpy the Dwarf! 

Not only did we see Grumpy Cat’s #DisneySide, but we saw her up close, personal, and grumpy in REAL life 🙂 She wasn’t too thrilled, but what did you expect?! She’s grumpy! She opted for a nap instead of a photo op. I’ll leave you with our adorable faces. Until next time!


Don’t forget to tune in Thursday, July 17th at 10 am PST for a special announcement regarding Disneyland’s 60th birthday next year via @DisneylandToday – Disneyland’s in-park twitter account!

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*Disclaimer: All slide show images and their content are © Disney. I was not compensated for this post; I was invited to Disney Social Media Moms and was given complimentary items as an attendee but I am in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Disney Parks. All opinions expressed are my own.

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