I am so excited to share that Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue has landed in theaters across the country a couple of weeks ago! This is the second Planes film in the Disney Franchise and my boys and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the #1 comedy in the world; we laughed and, as always, I cried. 

In the film, we are rejoined with Dusty and his friends at Propwash Junction, where they are preparing for another big race. Through this adventure Dusty finds out that he has busted a part in his engine and they are no longer in production. Upon hearing this depressing news, Dusty heads out ultimately crashing and causing a fire. Since Propwash is not up to code in its fire safety regulations, the department shuts down the landing strip until they get up to code and add an aerial firefighter to the squad. Guess who volunteers? You got it, Dusty!

We take a fun trip with Dusty through his training as a firefighter. He learns a lot about others and a lot about himself. It’s similar to Lighting McQueen in Cars, where he learns to put others first and not be so narrow minded about winning. 

Image © Walt Disney Animation Studios

Image © Walt Disney Animation Studios

Honor. Trust. Bravery.

My 9 and 7 year old took away some great thoughts. Heck, I took away some great things! I think that’s always been my favorite part of watching Disney films is the message. The idea of honoring others, trusting your teammates and showing bravery when others are depending on you is something that we can all appreciate.

My eldest said he was reminded that it isn’t always about winning, but putting others first. My youngest honestly was just enamored by Dusty and his favorite part was when he got the “water scoops” added to his landing gear to help drop water on the fire. Dusty definitely learned to adapt, had a few lessons on trusting his teammates and through the film his perspective of his fellow firefighters changed as he grew to love his new role. Dusty showed bravery by risking his life to save his friends.

As a mama of 5, sometimes it can be frustrating to play referee, or try to get them to see things in a different perspective. But after watching Planes: Fire and Rescue, we had the opportunity to talk about the film and get into a dialogue about Dusty and his choices. It’s a less stressful way to open their eyes to new thinking and helps them visually see some great outcomes when it comes to teamwork and trust.

I don’t want to give away the movie, because it’s always special to see it through your own eyes and perspective. Instead, head to your local theater, check it out and then come back and comment on what you took away from Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue.

Need some prodding? Here’s another trailer for you to enjoy!

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