Do you want a fun way to get the kids wiggling and giggling, moving and grooving, and ready to crash at bedtime? Get a LeapBand! It’s a great mixture of technology and physical activity.

We had the awesome privilege of hosting a #FitMadeFun party, thanks to sponsors LeapFrog and ClifKid, on September 6th!

This MommyParty was sponsored by LeapFrog, in conjunction with ClifKid; the Fit Made Fun event was a virtual extension of a full day event in Santa Monica, CA, hosted by Mia Hamm. 

The goal? To break the Guinness World Record in various activities involving movement and a lot of kids! I am so excited to say that Mia Hamm and 300 kids and parents are now world record holders! How cool is that?!

For those of us that were unable to attend, we hosted virtual parties throughout the US. The weather was nice and warm out, kids kept hydrated with a lot of water, and enjoyed breaks under the cool trees at the park. 

The LeapBand

My boys setting up their new pets!

My boys setting up their new pets!

This nifty little activity tracker keeps your kids moving and interacts with them as they play. My favorite feature? The ability to set it in quiet mode. My boys can wear them to school (check with your school rules first) but have them in quiet mode. This only gives them access to seeing the time, which is educational. Once the time hits 2:30 pm on a school day, their playful pet awakens and they can get back to playing!

My only real qualm? The volume. If you have just one child, you don’t really have the problem of hearing over siblings, but when there are five of them excited to play with the LeapBand, it is really hard to hear the little guy give them activity instructions.

Other than that, this toy rocks! The boys enjoy collecting the virtual prizes (joules) and since we were given two LeapBands, they are in competition, naturally, to see who can do the most activity!

ClifKid Protein Z Bars

We’ve always been fans of the CLIF Kid bars. The newest protein bar is thicker than the original CLIF Kid Z Bars. The flavors we received were Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, and Peanut Butter. Did you know that the CLIF Kid Protein Bars contain 70% organic ingredients? Not to mention the yummy factor. They are amazing. We used the chocolate chip bars as granola crumble on top of Greek yogurt, some strawberries, and blueberries.



We invited cousins and friends to our party and we ended up with 11 participants total! While the LeapBand is geared towards ages 4-7, I can honestly say that it is perfect for kids of all ages. We had guests ranging from 3-12! It really is about letting them use their imagination and enjoy being kids! 

I bought some oversized dice from the $1 store and sent a pair home with each family to do some fun activities at home! 

Shaking up their dice to roll how many repetitions of any chosen activity is picked.

Shaking up their dice to roll how many repetitions of any chosen activity is picked.

How many StarJumps??

How many StarJumps??

We have a winner! J won the healthy habits hunt!

We have a winner! J won the healthy habits hunt!

Here’s a fun video from our sponsor, LeapFrog! The LeapBand comes in 3 colors, blue, green, and PINK! The kids had a lot of fun and I can see them getting in many days of activities and burning energy with these LeapBands!

xo {Spread Magic}


Disclosure: I received LeapBands and ClifKid ClifBars in order to host this #fitmadefun party and product review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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