What do you get when you pack a bunch of pixie dust into pint-sized form?


It’s what I like to call, Disney Baby magic! It’s really special, and for parents and families that love the Disney brand, it only seems natural that they would fall in love with Disney’s newest franchise, Disney Baby. Did you know that you can find Disney Baby branded products at select retailers, like Walmart? You can shop online or at the retail location. How convenient is that?! If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I am a former cast member for Disney Baby’s first and only retail location in Glendale, CA, so I have a very special place in my heart for Disney Baby and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share their products that you can find at your local Walmart store and online.

When I wander through any baby department for shower gifts, or special treats for kids, my thought is often, “Where was this when my kids were little?!” I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wish to turn back the clock simply to get my kids into a Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuit™!


I’m facing a semi-mid-life crisis; my kids recently informed me that their “baby” bowls are too small, and they’ve transitioned to our adult-sized glass bowls and cups… Yes, I realize they are ages 7-13, but do I really have to get rid of our cute Disney cups and bowls? I love meal time magic! 

Alas, my kids are also too old to wear clothes by this cuddly brand (newborn to 3T), so I am content to relish in the adorable design and functionality, purchasing products for nieces, nephews, and friends.

However, that does not mean I can’t wish upon a star and then purchase my wish list for other people, right? I’m going to share some of my favorite Disney Baby products that you can find at Walmart!

Disney Baby products transition with your children, as they grow. As a mommy of five kids, I can definitely attest to purchasing the “must-have” basic items (clothing, diapers, wipes, etc), but like any Disney fan, life is just a little sweeter when you can incorporate that magic into everything from sippy cupswalkers, playards, and even potty seats!

Yes, you heard that right. Who wouldn’t want a Cars potty seat on wheels?


Let’s talk about Mission: Potty Training. Seriously, if my boys got to pick their “throne,” hands down they’d go with the Racing Mission Potty System. The kids love the recognizable friends from the Cars franchise, cool sounds, and feeling like “big boys.” Parents love that the functionality remains, long after they’re finished using the seat; it turns into a step stool and the seat transitions to the family toilet. Did I mention that it makes car sounds? Gosh. This will keep up that positive reinforcement and add some fun. Let’s face it, potty training can be a daunting task! Make it memorable with your little ones. 

There are so many cute items that you can pick up while you’re shopping at Walmart and if you’re an avid online shopper, you can choose to pick up your purchase in store, or have it shipped directly to your house, or that special little someone.

I decided to head over to our local Walmart to see some of the products up close and personal. It’s always more fun that way, isn’t it? Sometimes seeing stock images don’t do justice, and it helps to see things with your own eyes, or through the eyes of a guest, not corporation.

 At our local Walmart, we found the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Bows Butterflies Walker (FYI, it also is available in a Cars version online and in store). This seriously was too cute. 

Another fun product that we definitely would have used for all three of our girls, is the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers Care Center Playard. Aside from the obvious fact of being adorable, the playard features a newborn bassinet, two easy to reach storage spaces, a detachable toy mobile, and yes, the cutest polka dotted ruffle. This is a perfect large item for a few friends or family members to purchase together! Anyone having a baby girl?? 🙂

In accordance with California’s safety laws, we upgraded our youngest son to a new booster seat for the car. He’s still under 100 pounds and shorter then 4’9″. Little Bug has had a few different seats handed down from family, but it’s almost his 8th birthday and he was such a helper while I was doing this project, that I caved.  It was definitely too cute to pass up!

There are two options for the Disney Baby Store ‘n Go Backless Booster, Cars: Formula Racer or Minnie Mouse Silhouette Pink, obviously we know which one he picked. He’s really enjoying it and it has helped with “assigned seating” in the car for the whole group. Probably saves a good 5 minutes of loading time because he HAS to sit where the booster is! 

While we no longer have itty bitty ones in the house, the Disney Baby brand will always be something special for me and my family, even now that our kids have grown up! We definitely enjoy sharing, and spreading, the magic with family and friends, so we’ll be making return trips to purchase the adorable goodies for others!

Have you shopped for Disney Baby products at Walmart recently? What are your favorite items?

{This post was sponsored by Disney Baby and I was compensated to write it. Regardless, what I have written is 100% my own opinion and experience, and I hope you find it of use. Feel free to review my full disclaimer.}

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