I was recently selected to host an official Disney Side @Home Celebration, thanks to Disney Parks. The party theme that I was given, “Disney Villains,” centered around the tween/teen age. Since I have 3 girls ages 11-14, I knew that we’d have a wickedly good “big kid” time and even the littlest villains (younger brothers & cousins) would even be able to enjoy the fun. 

Like so many other fabulous moms that were selected, I love to host family and friends at our house. I couldn’t wait to see what my pixie-dusted box would be filled with and was anxious to get planning! While I waited for my party kit, I perused Pinterest, collaborated with other party hostesses on Facebook and downloaded some fun at the official Disney Side website. Disney Parks had some really awesome party tips and our box was chock-full of fun!

The package arrived and I spent a full day waiting for my kids to get home from school. Let’s just say it was the longest school day EVER, and while most days I am enjoying the quiet while working at home,  I could not wait to pick them up! The week that we got the package and hosted the party, I was sick and a couple of my kids were down, too. Regardless, we had an awesome time, and can’t wait to host another party this summer for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Party Time!

I had a lot of fun playing with design ideas for the invitation. We were given invites in the box, but I wanted to make sure I could send invites via text and email. Plus, I was a little anxious to get going, so I sent these out before I realized I’d have paper invites! As a huge fan of those Valentine’s Day Sweethearts candies, this Disney Villaintine’s design went perfectly! I was able to use the villain inspired hearts from a Disney image to spread some magic to the invitees. 

Here are some of my favorite party moments!

My youngest niece KB (you might recognize her as my special toy tester) won “Make Mickey Smile” and went home very proud of her Disney Villains puzzle! 

My eldest son and his buddy from school were channeling the Dark Side, for sure. I’m so glad they had a blast. The rain barely put a damper on their outside play with lightsabers and our rope swing! These two really were the only ones that wanted to show off their Villain Sides for the camera. They got extra cookies! 🙂 

My baby girl/middle child (above), aka Drama Queen – or sometimes, the Evil Queen herself, did a great job facilitating the “Make Mickey Smile” game!

One of the best things about home parties is spending time with our family and friends of all ages! We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our love for Disney with events like this!

My second born daughter, along with cousins of the same age were eager to help Mickey smile! I really thought this would be a game just for the little mischievous ones, but I was so wrong! They were just as excited!

My niece, aka Cruella de Vil, had a blast and she won the “Make Mickey Smile” game and went home with the Disney Villains puzzle! Although, she wasn’t quite sure whether to smile or not here when Uncle started snapping some candids. 

I DisneyBound(ed) as a very simple Ursula. I just wore a simple black dress, black flats, and opted for a makeup inspired look, Ursula mole included. 🙂 Obviously, Ursula showed her Disney Side, too, and had to wear Minnie Ears! 


Need I say more? One of the fabulous sponsors was Duff Cakes, by Duff Goldman, and they were a sure hit amongst the villains. Creating these cupcakes was a collaborative effort between two of my daughters and myself. Since the cupcakes weren’t gluten free, my girls did the measuring, mixing and baking. I took the reigns and added some Cruella inspired decor to finish them off! They were SUPER easy to decorate! They looked so good, I am considering having a 101 Dalmatians movie night just so I can make a batch of gluten free cupcakes to decorate and enjoy!

Ursula’s Mermaid Tails.

I, like my villainous counterpart, Ursula, love a good mermaid tail or two… or if you want to be realistic, shrimp. Seriously, the food got set out and as I went to go finish up some prep work and came back, well those darn tails had disappeared! You know, I really should have expected that to happen with a house full of villains!

I hope you enjoyed the fun! We had a wonderful party, and I can’t wait to start planning our next Disney Side @Home Celebration for Disneyland’s 60th! We won’t be able to celebrate “in-person” so we will be spreading the magic from home!

Have you ever hosted a Disney themed party? I’d love to hear your stories! Share in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I received a party kit from Disney Parks to help host my Disney Side Celebration. No further compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own and always magical. Thank you to Disney Parks, BSM Media and our many sponsors!

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