I’m so proud to be part of the DisneyExaminer (DE) team! When I first began my blog, I was initially inspired by the storytelling of this fabulous group of young people. The CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Poblete is really phenomenal. I instantly could tell that his passion for The Walt Disney Company is similar to mine; he is just an awesome person to know and work with. It was through the inspiration that I read and the passion I saw through Jordan and his team, that sparked my own idea of starting a blog with a magical perspective. Like DE, I wanted to showcase the awesomeness of Disney, but showing so much more than just the Disneyland Resort. 

I was so honored when Jordan asked me to join the DE team as their resident Mommy Blogger. While I am still fairly new to the DE team, I must say that I feel very much part of a family. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by visionaries, dreamers and doers. I think that I’ve found some amazing people throughout my blogging journey and they have become some of my dearest friends.

Okay, so with all of that… I want to share my excitement because DE has recently launched its official podcast and it’s on iTunes NOW! I am a visual person, so I love reading and watching video, but I have to say that this podcast is really intriguing and I enjoyed the first episode and I can’t wait to tune in weekly!

Episode 1 is about the Disneyland Diamond Celebration! Reading words is one thing, but hearing excitement in the voices of the speakers just makes me smile. 

If you don’t have iTunes, no worries, because you can download and/or stream it straight from their website. Look out for weekly podcasts and updates. I will be sure to keep you posted via my social media channels, too!

About DisneyExaminer 

“The Walt Disney Company is much more than just Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. In fact, there are many different operating divisions to it, yet each one tells its own story. Those stories are our stories.

DisneyExaminer is an independent online news magazine that aims to inform and entertain you and the rest of the world with unique and engaging stories that tell you what’s going on around the Disney universe. From parks and resorts to consumer products (and everything else to ‘infinity and beyond’), we’ve got you covered.

Because we’re not a Disney fan site, we’re a news site run by fans looking to give you a piece of the Disney magic with every story you read. We’re looking to tell the obvious and uncover the hidden, not forgetting to have fun along the way.” – DisneyExaminer.com

Happy listening, friends! What do you think about the podcast?

And to my DisneyExaminer family… you did well. 🙂

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