Friends! This post is sponsored by Taste Guru. I am a Taste Guru Ambassador and was sent a voucher to redeem this awesome box of heaven from them, in order to share my opinions on the subscription service and its contents. As with all of my reviews, they are 100% my opinion and always magical. 

The trend for the past few years has been with subscription box services. From makeup to clothing, razors and gamer goods, to food/treats, we can pay a monthly fee to have special items curated either on our behalf, or to the consumer market as a whole. What I love about this is the surprise of what is in the box! It’s like Christmas every month! 

Finding gluten free snacks is a lot easier now than when I was first diagnosed with having a gluten allergy in 2010. Fast forward to five years later, and today gluten free is EVERYWHERE. However, living in a smaller town, scarcity almost always equals more expensive. I can find some goodies at Trader Jo’s, Raley’s and Safeway, but it’s so nice to have them delivered to our home!

I was so excited to try out Taste Guru because the box is 100% gluten free! This specific box was absolutely amazing. I am excited to have snacks to take while I am on campus after lecture, and it was pretty easy to add them into my meal plans for the day. Seriously, snacks are delicious! 

There are four options in getting a little bit of magic to your doorstep!

Having a box delivered to you chock-full of treats gives you chance to try new brands and explore options that might now be available at your local store. Just one box gave me over 5 new brands to check out; my favorite things were the Yum Earth Sour Jelly Beans, ips chips, and the better batter brownies! 

I can’t wait to share more goodies soon! 

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