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I had the pleasure of not only meeting Gabrielle Reece this past weekend, but had the opportunity to just sit and chat with her as a mom and woman about fitness, life and self health. And after that, she taught a HIGHX class that my daughter & I, along with about 35 others, took and we WORKED IT! It was amazing, it was hard, but it was SO worth it.

*Special thanks to my friend Amanda Zimmerman for all of the photos for this post! 

Before I get into my experience, I have to say that Gabby is an extraordinary woman. She is beautiful from the inside out, and it was such a joy to have a chance to just talk and listen. I shared with Gabby my recent revelation on taking care of myself and I really was interested in hearing her thoughts on getting back into fitness as a busy mom. I was starstruck since I grew up watching her career, her appearances in magazines and just being an amazing role model.

Any nervousness with my first in-person “interview” quickly subsided as I was introduced to Gabby and she asked me if I’d like to chat with her; we just sat and chatted as if we were friends. I was at ease and excited to be reaffirmed in my thoughts about health and fitness, and she reminded me of a few things too! She’s extremely conversational, personable and fun!

We have to be selfish with our workouts and taking care of our health.

It seems pretty simple when you think about it, take care of yourself so you can take care of others. But there can sometimes be this underlying and subconscious guilt that we have. Like we have to apologize for spending an hour away from the family to work out. Don’t feel guilty. Establish with your family that not taking care of yourself can be detrimental to the family’s health as a whole. 

Don’t be afraid to work with others.

I definitely feel like working alongside others has been beneficial. I feel confident that I can participate and if I even slightly think I will struggle, my awesome workout teammates encourage me to keep going. We get to cheer each other on and share in the accomplishment of our session! Not only is it fun, but it keeps us accountable as we get fit. For HIGHX at 24 Hour, I was so happy that my daughter was able to join me. She’s preparing for her first season of high school (yeah, I’m old!) track next year, and wanted to get started on training. She did absolutely amazing. I’m excited to have a little workout partner in my corner. She’s also a great encourager for me. 


The workout flew by! We focused on our entire bodies, getting cardio, strength training, stretching, plyometrics, the works! It was fun and got me pumped for the rest of the day! We rotated through about 14 or so stations within 50 minutes and each movement was broken up within 30 second increments. It was fast-paced and high intensity. There were a few times that it took me a minute to figure out what moves we were doing, but Gabby and her trainer were there to show me and it kept me moving through! 

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I definitely am excited to check out our local 24 hour to see when this program launches. The HIGHX program is high intensity but for all skill levels. We work at our own pace, and are encouraged to listen to our bodies. I think anyone can do this program and there are modifications for most of the exercises if needed. 

I think having a program in place that allows me to get in and get out of the gym is wonderful. Not only that, but making new friends along the way is a cherry on top! 

You can read more about Gabby & HIGHX on her website

Call your local 24 Hour Fitness and find out when HIGHX will launch at your location!

We did it! The "After" shot. :) 

We did it! The “After” shot. 🙂 

I was invited to meet and workout with Gabby Reece as a member of the media. There was no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% mine and always magical. And the sweat involved was not “Photoshopped.”

Have you found a workout that you love? Do you enjoy working out in a group? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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