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I was having a rough day last year, and after the kids’ fall festival, my hubby purchased me this awesome cookbook at their book fair, full of simple, fun, and magical recipes direct from the Disney Princesses themselves (I know, he’s a keeper)! 

The book is meant to be for kids, but let’s be honest, I’m a big kid at heart, and cooking is something I do out of necessity, so THIS makes it a little more fun for all of us.

The recipes are easy to read and execute, plus the pictures engage my kiddos; did I mention it was adorable?! We’ve had our hand in preparing quite a few recipes so far, and then I had a lightbulb moment – why not document when we cook from the cookbook and share with all of you? It makes sense. I cook and eat, you enjoy the pictures (not of me eating). 🙂 The intent is not to make you eat your computer screen, but really just share the newfound joy that I am having in the kitchen with the kids.

Cooking doesn’t have to be straight up complex or Michelin Star quality; it can be fun, short and sweet. Now, if you love cooking, then do it. Rock it for the rest of us. But, for those of us that aren’t exactly kitchen mavens, this is a simple book with a whole lot of magic. What matters most is that you’re doing it for yourself and your family, and having fun, making memories. 

Now, off to the kitchen we go! I’ve got a few recipes already scheduled to post, so check back, because moving forward, we will be sharing, at least once a week, a fun new recipe!

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