Star Wars-Coffeemate-Sparks of Magic.jpg

Because, Star Wars. 

Listen, coffee is not something I joke about. It’s a serious lifeline. 

Today, my coffee just became more powerful.

I’m trying the Spiced Latte today, and it’s like holiday season in my mouth. It has a cinnamon and spice type taste.

It makes me happy.

Tomorrow, (#ForceFriday) I’m going to the Dark Side and will try the Espresso Chocolate.

I hear there are FIVE (5) flavors.

Yes, I will attempt to find them all.

I now LITERALLY have The Force within me… along with some amazing Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf roast. haha.

StarWars-Sparks of Magic - Coffeemate-Chewy.jpg

Sidenote: I picked my limited edition Star Wars™ Coffemate® creamer up at Target.

Don’t miss out on #ForceFriday, read more here.

Happy hunting!

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