Our family was invited by Warner Brothers for an early screening of Space Jam: A New Legacy and to attend a special fan experience afterwards! If you haven’t already seen the film check out the trailer and my initial excitement and post –> here.

The Film

The film is an animated live action combo, similar to the original Space Jam (but with better graphics). I definitely appreciate the original, but the storyline for this one was relevant and embraces the idea of our kids walking in their paths and experience life’s journey as theirs – not ours.

One of my favorite aspects of the film is Don Cheadle’s character, Al G Rhythm. Without spoiling anything, I just have to say he does such a great job. While some reviews have talked about LeBron’s acting and too many promotional easter eggs of other WB franchises, I think that is what makes this even better. We have to remember that this film is set for our kids, and they didn’t grow up with Looney Toons like we did, so we get those fun little parts as nostalgia, and they are being introduced in many ways to our own childhood.

Overall, we loved the film, it was pure entertainment with a positive story for those that were seeking to take away something. I am learning slowly but surely that while there is always something to learn, I need to just relax and enjoy. Sometimes I just need to “be.” And this film was fun and I didn’t want to over analyze it, but just have a good time with my family. Perfect summer film!

My kids’ thoughts in no particular order:

  • I liked that there was a lot of Black actors and diversity, the graphics were cool and the jokes were pretty funny! I also liked all the references to the other WB films.
  • I really enjoyed the editing and animation styles, as well as the theme about embracing who you are and being yourself.
  • I loved the intro sequence, it had some of my favorite graphics in a movie this year. I also liked that this one actually had a message and how everything connected even as a kids’ movie…and LeBron’s bad acting added another layer of comedy to the movie.
  • I liked the rap battle and all the funny jokes. I wish it was Kobe (🥺) but LeBron did a good job.
  • The acting was kinda eh, but then again the main character is a basketball player. I’m not really into Space Jam, but overall it was a pretty good movie. I liked how in the end the dad let his son do what he’s always wanted to do and what he’s truly passionate about instead of forcing him to be a basketball player like he is.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Fan Experience

After the film we walked the purple carpet to experience the fun and games waiting for us! I made my very first TikTok (find me @sparksofmagic) to commemorate just a small window of our experience! The entire thing was larger than life, I was loving the step and repeat area – too bad my crew is not into photos as I am… I could have just wandered all day!

Space Jam: A New Legacy Merchandise!

When we arrived home, Warner Brothers sent a gift package full of Tune Squad goodies, including a 12″ action figure of LeBron James! He’s got a few accessories and even talks! My niece thinks he is hilarious, she’s only 8 months, but she already knows that you press “Tune Squad” on his chest to make him say phrases and make sounds! You can pick up your own action figure on amazon (affiliate link)!

In addition to the box, we were given early access to the LeBron James ICON Tune Squad and Taco Tuesday outfits in FORTNITE and my son was in heaven checking them out! LeBron’s entire collection is now on FORTNITE and I loved that Costume Designer, Ruth Carter (Black Panther + so much more) designed his black and gold King costume for the skin. My first degree in college was fashion merchandising and I’ve always loved costume design. It was awesome seeing that Ruth had her magic hand involved in this skin! The skins are live at the time of this posting, but it may be limited edition, you know how those skins disappear!

Was all the hype worth it?

In my opinion, yes. Space Jam: A New Legacy was a summer blockbuster in a pandemic. I think for our family being able to safely attend the event in person and see our first film in theater after over a year, it was kind of magical. Warner Brothers did an amazing job with the PR and marketing. The merchandising and collaborations were on point, too. While some are left disappointed because they liked the original, I think they need to remember that this wasn’t called Space Jam 2. It’s A NEW LEGACY. Thanks Warner Brothers for all the magic this summer! We look forward to keeping this film playing in our home!

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