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Are you ready to take your magic to another level?

We provide services to individuals and organizations seeking to develop or maintain their brands through design, strategy, HR operations & customized consulting solutions.

Our Services

We provide services to individuals and organizations seeking to develop or maintain their brands through design, strategy, HR operations & customized consulting solutions.

What is the Process?

Once you’ve selected your services, schedule an initial consultation and a proposal and contract will be drafted for your specific needs. Upon payment of retainer fee, services will begin.

Finding Your Magic with Camille

Stay up-to-date on business practices, learn practical tips on maintaining your professional online presences, hear from guest business authors, and see recent work by the team.

The Heart of Success

Branding is the foundation for both personal and professional successes, making way for you/your organization’s authenticity to shine and spread your magic.

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep – a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.”
— Scott Bedbury (Nike, Starbucks)

Spreading Magic, One Client at a Time

A “fixer” at heart, storyteller to the core, & true Magic Maker, Camille shines when it comes to working with clients & reconnecting them to their core values. She is both inspiring & empowering, teaching them how to step outside of the box & see how truly amazing it is to be creative and authentic.

Whether you’ve come to this site to find out more about branding or consulting services for your business or self, or interested in learning more about developing professional & leadership skills to move upward and onward in your personal and work life, Sparks of Magic is here to help. Meticulously creating a solid brand can be overwhelming, but it is rewarding and, well, I actually love this process, so it’s a win for you! 


Sparks of Magic offers business and personal branding solutions to creatives, bloggers, and forward-thinking individuals that seek to grow their business through visuals, leadership skills and develop their personal/business brand to make an impact in their organizations and the world.

• Who are you?
• What is your voice? (you have one already – I promise)
• What would you consider as your virtues?
• Does your brand visually represent all of that?
• Want to grow in leadership skills so that you can learn to lead where you are?

If you can’t find your own center and love for yourself, nothing else works.
– Chris Brogan

About Sparks of Magic Collective

Sparks of Magic Collective is a creative & professional services B2B provider. It has a collection of professional service offerings, across 2 strategic business divisions – Creative & Consulting.

Sparks of Magic, at its core, is about people & visuals, with services including graphic design, photography, digital content creation, blogging, and design strategy.

Sparks of Magic Consulting (formerly dba Elli Mac Consulting) is focused behind the scenes, offering brand development, management & administrative services for clients including personnel recruitment, training & development and restructure. We seek to enhance an organization’s team (all levels of experience) with learning and leadership training & development. We work with individuals and organizations to create and design their brand identities, develop their brand strategy and teach them how to use marketing tools for implementation.

Additional consulting services offered include:
• Full cycle recruitment and other HR/Personnel Strategy
• Compliancy audits for I-9 documents, employee files & document retention
• Assist with development of policy and procedure and training resources
• Leadership workshops and other consulting services
• Entity development and establishment in CA

Past and current client industries include higher education, food distributors, entertainment and consumer goods, arts and media, non-profits.

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