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We have been using essential oils for a few years, with family and friends being our oil providers. I knew that eventually I’d want to get into the oily business, but wasn’t sure what route to take so I did what I do best – research. I dove into articles, videos, followed tons of wellness experts from multiple businesses. I’ve pretty much sold every direct sales product on the market over the years. I knew that whatever I ended up landing on would need to offer three things: quality, community & income, irrespective of the business model.

Why Young Living? I chose YL because of their Seed to Seal process. I’ve used pretty much every oil out there, but I have to tell you they are not the same. I’m excited to share more on the blog about specifics and the oils we use, how we use them and how you can get started on your own journey!

I’ve used oils for support of numerous ailments, recipes, body and home products. Seriously, there is always an oil for something! Note that we do not use oils to cure disease, we use them as preventative measures, much like someone who goes to the gym or uses supplements in their nutrition. The idea of actually selling essential oils and creating products for ourself and others is a new revelation, one that began as gift giving and now I am excited to share the goodies with everyone else!

Join us as we embark on a new adventure to share some of our favorite products, recipes and experiences, giving others an opportunity to embrace wellness in their lives, too.

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*No matter which option you choose, you’ll have access to me & a ton of resources with our awesome tribe, whether you choose to sell the oils or not. I’m excited to welcome you to the team and spread the oily magic! The resources and community are the foundation of using your oils and path to a lifestyle of wellness. Stick with us and you’ll learn ways to use oils for everyday wellness, and incorporating oils into pretty much every area of your life!

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