Take a deep breath. Open your iPhone and PLAY. Disney games are moments of magic for me. This is what I do when I get a little antsy. Sometimes I just like to sit with headphones on, turn on the sound for whatever game I’m playing and go to town. 

Other times, I’m in a long line at the store by myself, or I’m waiting for my kids to get out of class, or I’m waiting for my students to finish an exam… and I like to play Disney games. Why? Because they’re fun and they keep my mind focused on something; I like to think that they are exercising my brain. Plus, did I mention that they’re fun?

In all honesty, I don’t get a lot of time to play these games, but I thought it would be best to pass some of my favorites along to all of you! Did you know that there are over 50 Disney apps in iTunes?! I haven’t tried them all, but I found a few good ones!

Side note: I only download games to my phone that I will play. Sorry kids, get a job and buy your own. I know, that stinks, but it’s life. Luckily, the kids enjoy all of these games so they’re pretty happy about it. 🙂 

My top 5 Disney apps! (all free)

1. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

This is pretty fun and one of the newest Disney gaming apps. My youngest just discovered it on my phone recently. The goal is to capture the memories by matching them by color. In order to do that, you shoot a single memory towards a bunch of the same colored memories to make them drop for collection. We learned how to do skill shots, where you bank-shot the memories off the sides to reach the same colored memories. It’s really fun, we are taught by the emotion Joy, who is fabulous. She cracks me up! I haven’t gotten very far in the levels yet, but I’m excited to see who else pops up on the screen in later levels!

2. Disney Side

This one is hilarious and pretty self explanatory.  You take a picture of yourself or someone else and then you can become different Disney characters! Our favorite is Haunted Mansion.This one is definitely for all ages! 

Bonus? You can save the images and even make a video of the characters you become. Within the app you can save to your phone or share it with others. I found that even my hubby has snagged some selfies in the app on here! Definitely a fun one for everyone.

3. Frozen Freefall

We love Frozen. Yes. Still. And the game is really fun. I have a slight obsession jewels with matching and popping. When Maleficent came out, they released a version for the film and that was equally as exciting. In this game you’re traveling through winter. With the help of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf, you’re set for a snow-filled adventure. I love the graphics and small lements of the game, like the ice pick and snowballs were great touches.

Recently they added an endless map (in-app purchase) and you can travel through all four seasons plus a few other fun ones!

4. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight

This is the newest game that I’ve downloaded. I am really liking the graphics and storytelling within the game itself. It’s more of a thinker than the other games. My eldest son would really like it, he has no idea I downloaded it, yet. I’m more of a “don’t want to think, let me match things” type of app gamer. If that is even a “thing.”  I just love Big Hero 6, so it looked really awesome!

5. Disney Tsum Tsum

You seriously cannot resist the Tsum Tsums. They’re uber cute and you just want to squeeze them! We began playing Tsum Tsum when it was first released and every so often I will still pick it up. I love the video that plays before launching the game. The tsum tsums are rolling and tumbling around and pile up before the Disney Store opens at 10 am! 

I have issues every once in a while with the parent app – LINE, so it’s deterred my playing for a little while. But when it is working, it’s awesome. Gotta think fast especially since it’s timed and boy do I get into it. This one is addicting once you start.

Well, I guess with the apps, they distract me from stress. They might not relieve it all the way, but they definitely assist in refocusing my mind and energy so that I can move forward with a smile. Magic makes everything better! 🙂

I should warn you again, that they can become addicting on the cuteness factor alone!

How about you? Do you have a favorite Disney app? I’d love to check some new ones out, too! 

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