Branding is an intimate process. I count it a privilege to be entrusted to care for and develop a person’s brand, share their story and watch them grow. Likewise, guiding an organization and assisting with crucial operations in building its people is something I do not take lightly. I am blessed to have clients that allow me to pour my heart into my work and appreciate & treasure their kind words. I get things done, and make sure the experience is magical for each client. 

– Camille Wall, MBA

 “Creative and innovative, Camille Dashana Wall was the perfect designer to work with for our Catholic school auction project! Although Camille offered us a non-profit rate, she gave our project the same thought and detail as one would with a full paying customer. I had no idea what I wanted our prints to look like. I sent Camille a ton of photos, and in a matter of hours she had created a lively and lovely poster that all of the parents swooned over! I’d absolutely recommend Camille as a designer for her amazing personality and creative eye.”


“As a candidate, throughout my interview process, Camille was responsive and informative. She was able to balance the needs of all parties involved. And because the way she managed the process with integrity, she made a great impression on me and about my employer-to-be. When I landed the job and made the decision to accept the offer, I knew that I had made the right decision because Camille had provided all the information that I needed to make an informed decision. If I were to begin another job search, I know Camille would be one of the first people that I contact for advice.”

Candidate for district 1 – san francisco | Former DIRECTOR OF MEDIA RELATIONS, CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO

“Camille is oozing creativity and passion for graphic design. She was the perfect designer to collaborate with for my blog project and made my life so much easier. With great communication throughout the entire process, and an understanding of my vision, she went above and beyond to help my brand’s image soar. I’m excited to hire with Camille again in the near future.”


“It was a pleasure to have Camille design a branded media page for my blog. Her design was creative, innovative and visually appealing. The whole process was professional from start to finish. Camille is talented and dependable. Her services were perfect for the needs of my business.”


“Over the course of a few months working with Camille, I found her [to] be very thorough, adept and insightful with regard to the projects we worked on. Her ability to consider the relevant information while putting aside the clutter during our investigations were very helpful. Her next [client] will be lucky to have someone as grounded and forward thinking.”