I am really excited to share that there are some changes going on here. The blog is getting a visual facelift, including the logo (thanks hubby) and a lot of things are happening in the background in relation to my content moving forward.


As my space here evolves on the internet to reflect my soul more, you will find that I’m going to be diving into all areas of magic within me – light & bright but also dark & heavy, it’s who I am. I am learning to be more open about my life lessons and truths as an individual, partner, wife, mama, daughter, and friend.


The lifestyle content will still be here, the focus in that will be family, wellness and travel. Our goal as a family is to live well collectively and individually, and see the world together. We can’t do all of that if we aren’t in good health, so we’ll be making some changes this year as we all heal our guts, minds and souls.

I will still share our family’s Disney adventures and whatever my heart fancies at the moment that is Disney-related. We continue to watch Disney films, play Disney board games, eat and make all the Mickey-shaped foods, and buy all the magical Disney merchandise! So rest assured, while Disney is not my main focus anymore, it will not go away.

That being said, there will be a shift in what you see moving forward. As opportunities arise, I’ll partner with brands in the future, and I will disclose those partnerships so you know that if you purchase through my affiliate link or use my code you understand that I will receive a small commission. I appreciate each purchase because while this is something I absolutely love doing, it is time consuming and every little bit earned helps our family thrive more. I will only work with brands that share similar lifestyle values, showcasing products and/or services focused on eco-wellness and being family-friendly.

Gift Shop

The biggest thing in store is my gift shop! It has always been a dream of mine to open a boutique! I’m starting the shop with my handcrafted leather tassels, essential oil roller keychains and other oil accessories. Eventually I will have more lifestyle, home and wellness goodies.


I’ve officially merged my consulting company – Elli Mac Consulting under Sparks of Magic to streamline my life. You’ll find business posts migrated over from that blog focusing on entrepreneurship, business strategy, design and making magic in your industry. I’ll update the blog with my ventures and share insights learned from my professional development.

I am super grateful to have so many Magic Makers on this journey with me and look forward to a new year and a lot of fun!

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