One of our family’s favorite franchise is Star Wars. So when Star Wars: The Mandalorian debuted on Disney+ in 2019 we strapped ourselves in for an adventure. Every Friday we were ready for the stream, and some of my children pulled all nighters to catch the release at midnight.

At the time of this post, we are preparing to wrap up Season 2 this week, and it has been jam packed with adventure, laughs, frustration at this Child (if you know you know), and some shocking surprises! I’m really hoping they explain behind the scenes further about this Child’s eating habits because it was kind of disturbing!

I enjoy a few different streaming service and having complete show seasons at my disposal for binging, but the weekly release that Disney+ provides is also satisfying and gives us something to look forward to. Let’s face it, we need some magic by the time Friday hits!

One of my favorite pastimes is to check out behind-the-scenes action to learn how they arrived at various storylines or simply to admire all the hard work and effort put into an amazing story. One of the shows that I have on my Best Disney+ Originals list is Disney Gallery | Star Wars: The Mandalorian. I’ve seen the Making of Season One, but I am excited to share that the Making of Season 2 makes its debut on Christmas Day, December 25, 2020!

I’m sharing below the Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 recap, Season 2 Sizzle, along with the trailer for Disney Gallery | Star Wars: The Mandalorian so you can get caught up on the many adventures of Mando, the Child and their friends and frenemies along the way!

Disney Gallery | Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Season 1 Recap:

Season 2 Sizzle Recap:

So, will you be watching? I’m excited for the streaming that will happen this Christmas!

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