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In March 2018, our third daughter was blessed with an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World. Thank you to Steve Harvey, Essence Magazine and Disney Parks. She applied for Disney Dreamers Academy in the fall of 2017, then we forgot about it. Just a few days before Christmas, she was sent a congratulatory letter. It stated she was accepted and could bring a guardian for the trip. Well, we all knew it would be me. Jeff said he knows the boundaries when it comes to Disney magic. 🙂

Our trip was absolutely amazing. I’ve posted about it on Instagram and my personal Facebook, but have yet to sit down and journal the experience. I wholeheartedly went as a Mama, not an influencer, not a blogger. I took pictures and posted a few times, but my intent was not to Instagram my way through. I’ve learned that many times I miss a lot in that influencer mode; I wanted to soak up the experience and be present with my girl.

I am so glad I did.

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Not just for the kids

It was a whirlwind, jam-packed week of laughter, learning, fun, tears, excitement. I am proud and honored to have shared these moments with KeiLana and the other attendees. Along with the teens, we parents learned so much.

I was blessed with reconfirmation on direction in MY life. My mind and spiritual wellness were refreshed and renewed in walking my path. I was reminded that my journey is mine, as my children’s are theirs. Our family is a team. We work together to better our collective lives. However, at the end of the day I cannot walk their journey for them. Likewise, they cannot hinder me from walking mine.

We were told the event was a set up for us as parents. SURPRISE! I truly believe we are where we are supposed to be. I felt it. I made new friends that I hope and believe will last as we watch our kids grow up. It’s a blessing to see them pursue their dreams, encouraging each other along the way.

We were reminded by Princeton Parker that our “what if’s” are often rooted in fear; we hinder ourselves from moving forward in a fearful mindset. Most of all, our daughter has found a tribe of likeminded peers; She is part of this amazing group of 100 that has chosen to be, not just exist.


Who will you be?

If you want to BE – you must make a choice.

If you want to exist – you just have to breath.

– Princeton Parker

I will continue to share our experiences here so stay tuned, there was so much to take in! For those that are in high school ages 13-19, watch the Disney Dreamers Academy website for upcoming class application openings! Reach out if you have questions!

Disclaimer: My daughter was selected by Steve Harvey Radio Network, Inc and Disney Destinations, LLC (“Disney”) to receive an all-expense paid trip (flight, hotel, food, Disney World admission) to Florida with a chaperone (me), based on her application to The Disney Dreamers Academy. No further compensation was given.

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