When Pinterest was first on my radar, I thought “this is ridiculous, who has time for this?” and the next thing you know I realized I was totally addicted and MADE so much time to sit, scroll, pin and share. If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen I recently attended a conference called FLOCK Presents, a one-day intensive focused on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and build your business.

The event was hosted by FLOCK Presents and sponsored by Disney Parks Moms Panel, held at the Disneyland Hotel. It was a jam-packed day of learning, ended with a fun hosted event at Downtown Disney’s newest experience hot spot Splitsville Anaheim! The speakers were industry leaders that were on their A-game with Pinterest. They were so down to earth in sharing their knowledge and experience on establishing your website on Pinterest and how to maximize your content for engagement on the platform.

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Previous to this event, I kept Pinterest as my own personal social media spot. It was a smorgasbord of business, pleasure and dreams. I pinned funny quotes, delicious recipes, and blog posts. However, I did not realize just how this smorgasbord probably confused people (aside from myself) about what my space was about.

So first things first, I shared in previous post that with everything we do with our business we should have a reason for doing things so we can better strategize our plan and how we intend to move forward towards our goals. I initially failed to see this opportunity with Pinterest, at least to think of it in this strategic way. After attending the conference, I know it is a lesson learned and I am now rebuilding slowly my engagement and views, along with traffic to my site. I use one Pinterest account but organize my boards for various categories and multiple businesses.


Why are you on Pinterest?

If you have a business, you should be on it. If you are on it but not using it to your advantage, you must consider it. As business owners, WE are our best sales person. We must be intentional in marketing ourselves and our services. It’s wise to use the social media and outlets that are at our disposal for free. Pinterest has sponsored content and ads available, yet when you’re getting started that isn’t necessary. You can grow organically by knowing what you want to accomplish and making a plan to get there. Once that is understood, then consider paying for advertising.


Pinterest is a platform that shares visual content, with very specific parameters, and links to outside sources – *ahem your business website or blog. Be mindful as you write your content on your website. The best way to get pins repined or shared is by sharing relevant content. And, essentially just having content to share. If you don’t have content, create some. Content can be linked to blogs, sales pages/funnels, YouTube, and Etsy. Right now, my Pinterest boards are somewhat bare because I am in the process of redoing most of it!


Optimize your content. Include Pin-able images (around 1-2 within your post), if it’s on a blog or web page. If you’re using a landing page or shop, or video links, you can create an image (I highly recommend Canva) and upload it directly into Pinterest.


Once you’ve created content, you’ll want to focus on specific areas that make sense for yourself/brand. I’m a lifestyle writer and business owner and I created a couple of optimized boards public. Then I made all of my other boards “secret.” This makes it visually easier to see what my businesses were about. It also ensures that the pins and posts I shared from my site or fellow influencers and business owners were beautiful and branded.


Numbers are important and keeping an eye on analytics are great measuring tools for your business. As an influencer you can show your engagement and reach to potential brands. As a business owner you can set SMART goals and see how things change over time based on your marketing strategy.

What are your favorite things about Pinterest? Feel free to share below, along with any other tips you might have for others!

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