The universe has a funny way of showing you where you need to be, and sometimes how you get there might be unconventional and typically consists of twists, turns and yes, heartbreak and pain. At the first writing of this post in 2017, I had experienced a layoff. If you knew me then, you also knew that I launched my consulting company called Elli Mac Consulting. This post was housed there, but as I find myself as part of a reduction in force in 2020, I am updating this post and re-sharing my heart which finds itself in a similar place. Why does it take so long sometimes to fully acknowledge where you are is exactly where you need to be?

Goals change and evolve just like magic

Amidst the hustle and bustle of working part-time, full-time and in between, I always had the ultimate goal of going back to work for The Walt Disney Company in some capacity, and relocating to my home of Southern California. I initially completed my Bachelor’s degree with that intent, then went further to complete my MBA.

Goals can and often will change, but you must keep moving forward.

The funny thing is, I’m not sure if that (going back to Disney) is one of my immediate goals anymore. Or is it? I think that will happen eventually, but right now I am focusing on what is at hand – my family & business. I will always dream of moving back to LA, but the timing is not right for a few reasons, main one being the cost of living and having a large family.. While they would be excited to move to LA, because they love it so much, the logistics just have not fallen in place or made sense, yet.

Know what? That’s ok.

The AHA Magic Moment

Have you had one of those moments when you feel like what you were meant to do has always been there? It always lurked, and eventually when you were fully, totally open to it (sometimes subconsciously) you allowed it to find you?

Well, I guess the magic finds you. It found me… it’s not like it was missing, but I was so distracted. I realize it has been here all along. So what’s my magic? It’s my favorite thing: Helping others to find their magic, too. In the past five years my career has taken twists and turns. I earned my MBA in Organizational Leadership. Most recently, I was employed as a Human Resources Consultant working in Organizational Strategy. Prior to that, I was an HR Manager at a medical university. And before that, I was an HR Analyst at a community college. I’ve learned a lot on public and education policy & procedure, regulations and laws pertaining to employee relations, labor and more.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing employees, consultants, managers and executive administrators. It’s been a blessing to remain in contact with many of them over the years. I embark on another adventure of entrepreneurship today, thanks to this pandemic. While my consulting company is no longer called Elli Mac Consulting, the heart remains the same – focused on finding, making and spreading magic.

Gluten Free Cafe Mocha at Carnation Cafe

Sometimes your career finds you. 

That is the magic. For me, it has been following me my whole life. Every adventure, endeavor, educational journey, and connection has led me to this moment. My work experience in various industries and life experiences have culminated to me becoming the best version of myself. It is SO FREAKING EXCITING to finally feel like I am free to do exactly what I was created to do, again. 🙂 Aren’t you also glad when magic finds you… just when you need it most?

So. How can I help you find your magic? By listening, researching and giving you valuable insight and outside perspective. Whether I help you with your brand conception, work with you on special training and development, or assist with your business through my professional services, I can guarantee that we will have an amazing time and you will be empowered to embrace WHO you truly are, and learn how to hone in on your strengths that ultimately affect your personal and business life.

My current dream? That every person that I work with, or every organization that calls up on my services, experiences the sheer joy and pure magic of knowing that they, too, are on the right path and that the world benefits from all that they have to offer.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to serving you!

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